A series of digital drawing

2D and 3D software

42" x 122"


This series of digital drawing is a special collaboration with the most profound artist Isamu Noguchi, and also a chance for me to study and resonate with Noguchi across time and space. Like Constantin Branchino to Noguchi, Noguchi's work significantly impacted my art practices—aesthetically on how to speak with materials, conceptually on how to extract essentials from the Nature. The grand simplicity in his work brings uncertain lives to the steady ground, generating infinite inner peace to all. Such inner peace composes the theme of the special collaboration.

In making this piece, I extracted symbolic elements from Noguchi's Memorial to the Dead, Sun at Midnight, and Coffee table. Meanwhile, I 3D re-rendered my iconic shapes of ocean waves and hearts from my time-being large-scale kinetic installation Moonment. I substituted my material the aluminum, with Noguchi's signature material such as earthy stones and paper, to connect with and pay tribute to Noguchi. I extended the storytelling by juxtaposing the deconstructed forms from three-dimensional space to multiple-dimensional so to present the crossing journey of time and space. Though in different eras, we live(d) under the same moon and sun. The simple and permanent identification spontaneously generates endless and ever-lasting harmony and peace.