Sizhu Li is a Chinese-born kinetic installation artist based in New York. She holds a BFA from Central Academy of Fine Arts and an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art with the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship. Lived and worked on two different continents, Li has developed a unique visual language of immersive kinetic art to illustrate her understandings of human nature and the universe. Li has exhibited her works at Staten Island Museum, Morris Museum, Attleboro Arts Museum, Spring/Break, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Flux Factory, Governors Island Art Fair & Public Art Project, Baltimore–Washington International Airport, Chashama Gallery, and so on. Since 2020, her pandemic-inspired touring project Moonment has been well received at Alabama Contemporary Art Center, Missouri State University, and Maryland HoCo Arts Council. And this journey is still ongoing. Li currently lives in New York and teaches at Pratt Institute.

Artist statement

Li constructs kinetic installations, site-specific and typically large-scale. They are presented in an open forum, where mechanized movements create a percussive environment. In particular, Li pursues a Futurist vision by generating sometimes Sisyphean movements and motorized minimal constructions. These constructions become a contemporary landscape where space is a physical material as much as a piece of metal or wood etc. Li’s works are animated, poetic, and storytelling. Materials, though often unrefined, are treated as fleshy, melancholic, nostalgic characters. Their movements are direct, satisfying, repeated, comforting, and mesmerizing. Together, they immerse viewers in an echo of simplicity within the chaos of modern life—evoking live phenomena like moonlight on the flowing water or wind on young leaves. Li is influenced by Minimalism, Futurism, and Chinese painting, poetry, and philosophy. In ancient times, people lived simpler lives, but still had rich intellectual and spiritual experiences. Li believes that we have something to learn from a spirit of wonder that feeds the human soul and brings communities together.

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