A touring project since COVID-19

Moonment is an ongoing touring installation project that aims to showcase along waters. Inspired by a Chinese ancient poem “海上生明月,天涯共此时” by Tang poet Zhang Jiu Lin, this work describes a surreal and poetic night-sea view that resonates with people of different locations. Aluminum sheets and programmed fans create a live moving percussive environment of waves. In the middle hangs a heart-shape moon, where a driven tick hits making physical beating sounds, concurrently with the below metallic moving waves. People see the moon and hear the sound, thereby connect to those they love beyond distances and times.

Moonment has been exhibited at Maryland HoCo Arts Council, Attleboro Arts Museum, Missouri State University, and Alabama Contemporary Art Center. Each of her footsteps has been pinned on a map, connecting the locals to who has seen the work regarding-less time and space. 

To be continued...

First Stop

Moonment started her trip from my American hometown, Maryland in Oct 2020, the darkest time of Covid ...


Aluminum sheets, wood, Arduino, motor, fans

Site- Specific at HoCo Arts Council 

Touring project Moonment.mp4

Second Stop to Massachusetts


    Jun 2021



Attleboro Arts Museum, Massachusetts

Moonment Attleboro .mp4

Third Stop to Missouri 


                                                              Oct 2021



  Missouri State University

Fourth Stop to Alabama 

May 2022

Alabama Contemporary Art Center